My work is an extension of me and i feel deeply passionate about what i do; the comfort of handling clay each day makes me feel connected to a larger energy which is unexplainable.

My works are rooted in the coexistence of the old and the new. The conflict of leaving behind the familiar while stepping into unknown territories; and momentarily resting in that quiet space between comfort and discomfort. I am fascinated by archeological remains, geological references and imprints on fragments, anything that contain a sense of nostalgia. Memories and impressions are central to my thought process . The magic that unfolds in nature is unparalleled and my work attempts to capture a mere glimpse of this.

While I am not against finished surfaces or harmony in aesthetics , rawness and a sense of incompleteness of what must have or could have been excites me. The journey of my work allows me to unravel these mysteries.

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